What is BK10? What’s it about?

What question do you always get when you make a film? Whether big budget or micro-budget, everyone wants to know what your film is about. Now, picture the amount of hours you spend scanning through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO GO, DISNEY+, and on and on, looking for the content you want to watch. But for every film there are people that might want to watch it.

  1. We love pinball. Pinball has a throwback charm like nothing else. In the time of handheld devices why would anyone want to play a giant mechanical game housed in a giant cabinet? Because it’s flippin fun. And it also allows for a tactile, real adventure into the past.
  2. We love punk rock music. From the days of the Ramones and The Clash punk rock has had a legion of fans dedicated to the DIY attitude of the punk rock.
  3. We love indie film. Nothing in media content creation is much more punk rock than indie film. Nothing is much more punk rock than pinball.

Bump Kowalski and the Ten Commandments is a indie punk rock pinball movie