Bump Kowalski and the Ten Commandments is the story of a washed up pinball wizard on the path to repair his pinball past.

In 1979, a younger Bump Kowalski had the world by the pinball plunger. Known around town as the best pinballer to walk the Midwestern terrain. He had hardly a worry in the world. Well, except for his friend Flip.

Who would have thought that the decisions Bump made in 1979 would impact his life today? Now, he must decide what he will do to atone for the mistakes of his past. And whether he can save those he cares for from making the same mistakes.

Bump Kowalski and the Ten Commandments is a story about each and every one of us. How did we end up where we are today? What choices did we make that changed our path forever?

Writer, Director, Producer
Joshua Bovinette