Off to festivals we go

Well, you never know how many festivals to enter. How many is too many? When are you throwing money down the drain? Should we enter the big festivals like Sundance, Slamdance, SXSW, Toronto . . . Are those even indie festivals anymore?

My take. Make the film the set out to make to the best of your ability. If you can’t raise the budget that you were hoping, then just make it with what you’ve got. The indie spirit will drive you to the finish line. I love our film, BK10. We raised as much money as we could and just went for it. And it turned out great. Just the film that I wanted to make.

So, wish us luck as we send it into the dragon’s lair, with hope that someone out there likes it. We’ve had such wonderful support and we made our little indie, pinball, punk rock epic. See ya around the festivals.